The truth about TRUTH

What is that people these days think about truth?  How many statements contrary to the actuality is being spoken every single day on the planet?  Do people today even know the meaning of Truth?   Truth (This image may be copyrighted) Source: Truth is that which has happened, is happening and will happen.  It […]

H2O in the Vedas

It is interesting to note that the chemical composition of water – H 2 O – two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen has been mentioned in the Atharvana Veda of the Indian Vedic System. Water composition in Vedas (This image may be copyrighted) Source: This composition of water has been mentioned […]

Legend of Karni Mata

Karni mata or Nari Bai is a 14th century lady saint of Northern India who is revered to this day as an incarnation of Goddess Durga devi.  She was born in the year 1387 in a village near Jodhpur to parents belonging to the Charan community. Karni mata (This image may be copyrighted) Source: The […]

Lord Shani Bhagwan

Lord Shani Bhagwan identified by the celestial planet Saturn in the cosmos is revered to have immense influence on the longevity and success in human lives. Shani Trayodashi (This image may be copyrighted) Source: He was born as the son of the Sun God Surya and Chaya Devi, the goddess of shadows or precisely the […]

The real name of the epic Ramayana

The great indian epic ramayana describes the life of Lord Rama. Ramayana Source: But guess what sage Valmiki, the author of Valmiki Ramayana named his work really. He had named it as ‘The Story of Sita’. He starts Ramayana with the sentence ‘Kruthsnam Seethayasaritham mahat’ which translates to ‘I recite the tale of the […]

Christmas decoration : Origin of Tinsels on Christmas tree

The origin of tinsels usage on the pine tree as a part of christmas decoration has a fascinating folk tale from the German countryside. It is also regarded as the Christmas spider legend. Christmas spiders (This image may be copyrighted) Source: Members of a poor german family were cleaning and decorating their small home in […]

Goddess of all misfortunes : Jyestha

Jyestha the Goddess of misfortunes Jyestha oftened referred to as Alakshmi or Mudevi (Moodevi) is the elder sister of Lakshmi – the goddess of all wealth and fortunes according to the Hindu scriptures.   A stone relief of Jyestha (goddess) Source: She is depicted with a pot belly and accompanied with two attendants behind […]

Serpent Symbolism in Vedic Mythologies

Serpent symbolism in vedic mythologies The serpent or commonly the snake has a profound presence in many vedic stories of the Hindus.  Not just in the Hindu tradition, the serpent has been found in Jewish religious scriptures termed as ‘Seraph’, in the old testament, and needless to say, the appearance of Satan in the form […]

Calan Gaeaf – The Welsh Winter Celebrations

Calan Gaeaf, is the term given to the first day of Winter usually falling on November 1st of every year in Welsh Tradition (Celtic tradition).  From ancient times, it has been the time of the year when the summer was over, old farmers and cattle rearers, after finishing off the harvest, prepare their farms and […]